Other Projects: Topografismos

Topografismos is an illustration series that explores the relations of the city topography and its effect in its own urban space. Work in progress. Below, Rio de Janeiro serie.

Bicing Barcelona

Designing an app to support the Bicing users, the bicycle sharing system of Barcelona, was the choice of Henrique Ferreira and Raquel López during the workshop "Diseña y programa tu app para Apple Watch", lectured by Javier Simón Cuello and Pierluigi Cifani here in Barcelona, June, 2015.

TVZ Second Screen

Second screen app for TVZ, a TV show from the MultiShow channel, aiming to increase the engagement of its audience on social media. Rio de Janeiro, 2013.

Graphics and Illustration

About me

Rick Ferreira

Hi! I'm Rick Ferreira, 29-year-old Brazilian Product Designer. I love to create usable digital interfaces, exploring the infinite possibilities of our powerful devices. That's why I've been dedicating myself to UI design for a while. Currently, I proudly work for Avrios – swiss startup based in Zurich – helping people move seamlessly. Besides, I love to take pictures and travel... so I can take even more pictures. This website was designed and developed by me.

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or email me to henrique.hof@gmail.com