Drooling for Android

During the Mobile App Design post-graduation course of the Elisava Design School, in Barcelona, my team mates Mònica Castel, Dani Larrea, Alba Velázquez and me were asked to answer the Smart City challenge: how can an app bring improvements to make conurbations a place for social and economic development based on Information and Communication Technologies?

To answer that question, our team came up with the solution of an app, that helps city residents to find cheap food offers in restaurants around them. We called it "Drooling" and it was a simple solution thought to help fostering local commerce while supporting people in their daily life.

We were able to put into practice several UX methods and techniques absorbed during our post-graduation experience in ELISAVA.

Barcelona, 2017
Contribuition: UX and UI Design, brand design.

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Rick Ferreira

I am a curious Product Designer, trying to balance technology and human needs to create intuitive and user-centered experiences. My little boston terrier dog is my biggest inspiration: I work, so he can have a happy life. As a result, I studied Digital Design in Brazil (ECDD) and Design of Apps and Interactive Services in Barcelona (ELISAVA) and accumulated 5+ years of experience designing digital products.

In my free time I like to take some drone pictures, fill my house with plants and hate the Game of Thrones ending.

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