DINE is a restaurant finder app that only features great restaurants curated by specialized sources and experts.

The idea behind the design of the app is to bring our users personalized and relevant content, through a content-driven architecture and a fluid navigation, without overwhelming the interface with infinite options.

This app got featured in the App Store.

New York, 2017
Contribuition: UX- and UI-Design for iOS app, Android App, iMessager App, Visual ID and webdesign.

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Rick Ferreira

Hi! I'm Rick Ferreira, 29-year-old Brazilian Product Designer. I love to create usable digital interfaces, exploring the infinite possibilities of our powerful devices. That's why I've been dedicating myself to UI design for a while. Currently, I proudly work for Avrios ā€“ swiss startup based in Zurich ā€“ helping people move seamlessly. Besides, I love to take pictures and travel... so I can take even more pictures. This website was designed and developed by me.

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or email me to henrique.hof@gmail.com