DINE was a restaurant finder app that only featured places considered to be great by specialized sources and experts from Tasting Table.

Tasting Table already had an editorial specialized in restaurant news in their website. The challenge was to bring all that content to the hand of the user – rethinking the information architecture and considering the new opportunities that smartphones would offer.

The app delivered to users tailored gastronomic information, through a content-driven design and a fluid navigation. Users could see where friends and experts were eating, save and share restaurant lists, check relevant city news like hot new-openings. With DINE, every user could become a foodie expert.

DINE was also a laboratory for our team to try new channels and media, like Apple TV and iMessage app.

DINE got featured in the App Store, making our team very proud.

New York, 2017
Contribuition: Product Design for iOS app, Android App, iMessager App, brand design, landing pages design.

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Rick Ferreira

I am a curious Product Designer, trying to balance technology and human needs to create intuitive and user-centered experiences. My little boston terrier dog is my biggest inspiration: I work, so he can have a happy life. As a result, I studied Digital Design in Brazil (ECDD) and Design of Apps and Interactive Services in Barcelona (ELISAVA) and accumulated 5+ years of experience designing digital products.

In my free time I like to take some drone pictures, fill my house with plants and hate the Game of Thrones ending.

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