Psious Platform

PSIOUS was the first fully immersive virtual reality platform specifically designed to improve the clinical practice of mental health professionals.

The challenge was to redesign, from scratch, the whole virtual platform used by the therapists to conduct the treatments.

I went to the field to observe therapy sessions, to interview our therapist users and to test the platform together with them. Our platform needed to adjust itself for the reality of those professionals. They were not used to technology and therefore felt apprehensive about using our product with their patients. They also had just a limited time per patient per consult – they couldn't risk to waste any of it. Our solution needed to be extremely easy to use and efficient.

The result was a clean, direct UI, with big and reduced visual elements in which therapist could start any treatment with only two clicks and a new dedicated session for training and education.

Barcelona, 2016
Contribuition: Product design, UX research.

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Rick Ferreira

With a pragmatic approach to problem-solving, I’m willing to embrace different ideas and approaches without losing sight of the task in hand. I Learn fast and enjoy solving complex problems through a logical, analytical way of working. As a Senior Product Designer with 9+ years experience, I’ve had the chance to work on raw ideas, going from MVPs until robust first class products.

In my free time I like to take some drone pictures and to hate the Game of Thrones ending.

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