Psious Platform

PSIOUS is the first fully immersive virtual reality platform specifically designed to improve the clinical practice of mental health professionals.

The challenge was big: redesign from scratch the whole virtual platform used by the therapists to conduct the treatments.

Going into the field to interview and test the platform together with therapists, immersed in their environments, gave me crucial insights. It allowed me to break down the complexity of the system, that features dozens of resources and tools, to make it suitable to their daily practice.

Barcelona, 2016
Contribuition: UX- and UI-Design of the Psious platform.

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Rick Ferreira

Hi! I'm Rick Ferreira, 29-year-old Brazilian Product Designer. I love to create usable digital interfaces, exploring the infinite possibilities of our powerful devices. That's why I've been dedicating myself to UI design for a while. Currently, I proudly work for Avrios ā€“ swiss startup based in Zurich ā€“ helping people move seamlessly. Besides, I love to take pictures and travel... so I can take even more pictures. This website was designed and developed by me.

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