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MinhaCorrida was a platform that helped marathon organizers to offer an incredible digital racing experience for the athletes. From scratch we created a platform that enabled athletes to have access to tools such as: event pages, social performance dashboards, easy and fast subscription systems.

We understood running as a social and exciting experience, and the challenge was to bring this spirit to the digital world.

With MinhaCorrida Athletes were able to browse and find out about races around them, subscribe to the events with few taps, receive official communications and notifications about the events and check their own performance after the races in comparison to their friends – with the official data extracted from the chips the athletes wore in their running shoes.

Rio, 2014
Contribuition: UX-Design for iOS app and desktop app.

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Rick Ferreira

With a pragmatic approach to problem-solving, I’m willing to embrace different ideas and approaches without losing sight of the task in hand. I Learn fast and enjoy solving complex problems through a logical, analytical way of working. As a Senior Product Designer with 9+ years experience, I’ve had the chance to work on raw ideas, going from MVPs until robust first class products.

In my free time I like to take some drone pictures and to hate the Game of Thrones ending.

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