Voizy for Android

Voizy "transformed smartphones into portals to explore the world". People would leave a voice message tied to a specific place, for anyone. The message could only be heard by someone standing in the very same location as the message was intended to exist.

The app was conceptualized by Diego Callegario and the challenge was to bring to life a MVP version for an app for Android, using only elements of the Material Design Guidelines.

Rio, 2017
Contribuition: Product design, brand design.

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Rick Ferreira

With a pragmatic approach to problem-solving, I’m willing to embrace different ideas and approaches without losing sight of the task in hand. I Learn fast and enjoy solving complex problems through a logical, analytical way of working. As a Senior Product Designer with 9+ years experience, I’ve had the chance to work on raw ideas, going from MVPs until robust first class products.

In my free time I like to take some drone pictures and to hate the Game of Thrones ending.

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