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Hey there! I am Rick and I'm here to design products we're proud of!

Make them easy, make them pretty, make them happy : )

My Works

Avrios SaaS

Mobility management platform

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DINE App for iOS

Curated restaurants finder app

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Psious Platform

Virtual reality therapy platform

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Drooling App

Cheap food offers in the city

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Other Projects


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About me

Rick Ferreira

I am a curious Product Designer, trying to balance technology and human needs to create intuitive and user-centered experiences. My little boston terrier dog is my biggest inspiration: I work, so he can have a happy life. As a result, I studied Digital Design in Brazil (ECDD) and Design of Apps and Interactive Services in Barcelona (ELISAVA) and accumulated 5+ years of experience designing digital products.

In my free time I like to take some drone pictures, fill my house with plants and hate the Game of Thrones ending.

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